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Stay on top of your Amazon Web Services spending, usage and billing using a single, customizable portal that gives you complete visibility over your entire AWS ecosystem.


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Take full control of your AWS cost management


The Stax Cost feature provides a comprehensive platform for cloud expense management. Gain greater insight into your AWS account and resource usage, reduce wastage and manage spending allocations all within a concise, accessible portal.

Complete cloud spend visibility

Build a total picture of your organization’s AWS accounts and resources with the Stax Cost platform, removing the need for any guess work when it comes to your public cloud expense management. 

  • Create complete snapshots into actual and predicted cloud spend, empowering you to better plan and allocate resources.

  • Collect and analyse data on tax, credits, savings plans, RI purchases and support costs.

  • Adapt the dashboard to provide teams with customized, specific visibility so they can have complete oversight of their own costs. 


Manage public cloud cost allocation

Do away with the headache of disparate cost management solutions and consolidate all cloud spend into one comprehensive optimization tool.

  • Gain full transparency on AWS cost attribution, giving you accurate, up-to-date data so you can react swiftly and insightfully when you need to.

  • Easily allocate and reallocate spending where necessary across your organization and by team, project, AWS account, service or resource tag.

Control and cap spending to eliminate AWS wastage

Use Stax to keep your AWS spending under control with a tool designed purposely for budgeting, projections and assessment.

  • Set and receive alerts for when you’ve overspent on your budget or in instances of a daily run rate cost spike.

  • Get advice for fixing your cloud spend management problems.

  • Optimize your cloud infrastructure to make it the right size for your business needs and limitations.

  • Strategically reserve EC2 upfront and remove infrastructure you’re not using.

Receive daily cost management reports

Make changes based on usable information received via daily or weekly reports. 

  • Make bill shock a thing of the past with reports summarizing your organization's AWS usage to keep on top of cost management. 

  • Configure alerts to keep your teams informed of cloud cost management progress, goals and achievements.

  • Deliver analysis data and insights by email, Slack, Microsoft Teams or via a webhook.

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Want to see what the Stax Cost portal can do to help you with public cloud cost management? Request a demonstration from our team today to see all its features in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wastage in AWS?

Wastage is an unnecessary cloud cost. If your cloud expenses are going toward resources and services that are not essential for your business activities, this can be considered as cloud waste..

What are some causes of wastage in AWS?

The causes of wastage in AWS include the storage of data that is no longer required, using instances with more functionality than is needed and idle resources that are only occasionally used for development purposes. Another way that organizations can unwittingly incur wasteful expenses is through misconfigured resources. For example, the implementation of intelligent tiering is a good way to save on S3. If you configured your buckets before it was a feature, you will be missing out on this benefit. An effective AWS cost optimization service can help you with cloud cost management to eliminate these types of wastage by turning on cost optimization features for your resources.

What is cloud spend management?

Much like any other part of business financial management, cloud cost optimization is a vital part of ensuring your cloud spending doesn’t exceed what is absolutely necessary. A cloud spend management tool like Stax allows you to gain clearer resource and cost visibility so you can fully understand how much you’re spending on Amazon Web Services, breaking it down into usable data so you can make changes that will reduce your cloud bill without detrimentally impacting your AWS infrastructure or business operations.

What is AWS bill shock?

AWS operates on a pay-for-what-you-use pricing model, which makes it a scalable ecosystem for highly distributed applications and services. However, if you don’t keep a close eye on your development and operational activities, it can be easy to exceed your budget. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t realize they have overspent until they receive their bill at the end of the month — hence the term “AWS bill shock”.

How can Stax help with AWS cloud cost management?

Stax is a highly capable cloud management platform with AWS cost management and cloud optimization tools that give you complete control of your spending and cloud consumption. With instant access to accurate summaries of current and predicted spending, along with automatic alerts when daily activity exceeds expected levels, you can fix any issues as soon as they arise.

What are the key aspects of Stax's AWS cloud cost management feature?

Stax offers several AWS cost optimization and cost management solutions:
  • Data enrichment — Creating standardized data reports to clean up and enrich information analysis and dissemination.
  • Spending snapshots — Snapshots of your actual spending as well as your predicted spending, based on the current level of activity.
  • Cost allocation — Allocate your budget by project, team or account, or at the organizational level.
  • Automated alerts — If you exceed your set budget in any area, you will receive an automatic alert, enabling you to address the problem immediately rather than waiting until the end of the month.
  • Daily/weekly reports — Detailed summaries of your usage make AWS cost optimization a much easier proposition.
  • Wastage reports – Receive a report with targeted recommendations for reducing wasted AWS spend.
  • Whatever type of business you are running, our cloud cost management solutions will help you to take full control of your AWS spend.

What kind of support is available when using the cloud cost management feature?

Stax provides accurate, ongoing, reporting and guidance to reduce AWS spend. Stax also offers tailored Customer Success workshops covering best practices and advice when using Stax and AWS.

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Capitalize on your AWS costs


Having a clear understanding and complete control of your AWS operation spending is key to business success. With Stax you can analyze, control and manage your AWS spend easily all from one user-friendly portal. Speak to one of our team today about how we can help you with cloud cost optimization.