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Work smarter with Stax, simplifying Amazon Web Services workload management to streamline your deployment process.


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Streamline the deployment of apps in AWS


Reduce development time and optimize efficiency with a catalog of apps that can be deployed, implemented and updated all from a central management location.

Simultaneous and consistent web application deployment

Ensure every user has the right tools available to fulfil their responsibilities with Stax Workloads.

  • Create infrastructure-as-code packages with over 200 Amazon EC2 instance options.

  • Deploy workloads to one or more AWS accounts from a single location.

  • Distribute repeatable, reliable AWS CloudFormation stack deployments across your AWS accounts.

  • Simply define each AWS instance and resource, letting Stax automatically manage the orchestration of deployment, versioning and termination.

A comprehensive catalog of Workloads

The Workloads Catalog is a centralized repository of all your apps, making them readily accessible, editable and deployable.

  • Start out with a series of Stax-verified Workloads that have been created and defined for optimal efficiency.

  • Add your own custom Workloads to fulfil specific business needs and expand your Catalog.

  • Create and manage your Workload Manifests in the Catalog for easy access and editing.

Automated deployment with secure access controls

Remove the need for manual configuration and redeployment with Stax’s secure automated processes.

  • Have complete control over which Workload application is deployed to each AWS account, with the flexibility to manage individual accounts, groups or entire regions.

  • Use Workload’s robust application revision and versioning functionality to ensure all AWS accounts are using the right versions of deployed apps — whether that’s the latest or an earlier one

  • Use Stax as a buffer between build tools and AWS, ensuring infrastructure deployment is secure and consistent.


Collaborate and build faster

Stax allows your teams to work together to develop and enhance apps through the Workloads Catalog.

  • Grant access to Workloads via the console or API for flexible deployment group options.

  • Allow colleagues and team members to work together on developing new versions of a Workload.

  • Update each Workloads application revision individually in the Console, or all software deployments at once using the API.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of application deployment?

There are several great reasons why AWS application deployment is of benefit to organizations:
  • Time: Creating a series of applications that can be deployed automatically to select groups of users and accounts massively reduces time because you won’t need to systematically set up each user account individually.
  • Security: Use group deployment to configure permission roles and protect sensitive resources consistently.
  • Visibility: Oversight of account activity provides valuable information and data for analysis.
  • Updates: Automated updates allow the latest iteration of each app to be installed for all designated accounts seamlessly.

How is an application deployed in AWS?

App deployment in AWS works very much like it would for any other type of application. In simple terms, it’s the process of installing, configuring, updating and enabling an application or suite of applications that make a software system available for use. Amazon Web Services provides various means of doing this, such as AWS Lambda, AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeDeploy and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. While these automated software deployment tools are effective, they require high skill levels and can be time-consuming to use. Stax solves this with the easily accessible Workloads tool, which is built into our platform and provides a user-friendly alternative to creating and deploying AWS applications.

What is a Stax Workload?

A workload is a package of infrastructure-as-code (IaC), such as a back-end process or an application that customers use to interact with your business. It may consist of any number of essential cookies, instances, resources and units of code, spread over multiple accounts in the AWS cloud. It could also consist of a single unit of code or a single instance or resource from just one account. The ability to simultaneously deploy workloads across multiple AWS accounts enables your organization to make new apps and services available quickly and easily, both in-house and to your customers or business partners.

How can Stax help with deployment?

Stax Workloads and deployment group tools sit in between your own build tools and the Amazon Cloud environment, providing a higher level of security. With AWS automated deployment of workloads from within Stax, your development team can deploy new apps and services securely, without the need for any manual configuration. Stax handles not just the deployment details but versioning and termination too, which means your team can spend more time developing new apps and less time worrying about how to deploy and upgrade the code they create.

How does the Stax AWS Workloads deployment tool work?

By providing you with the ability to deploy and redeploy common business apps across multiple accounts at the same time, Stax simplifies the task of maintaining a consistent Cloud experience for all users. It facilitates maintenance, upgrade and deployment processes for your Cloud apps and services — and makes it easier for your developers to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Stax AWS deployment group tools also act as a security barrier between your development and live Cloud environment, increasing security where it’s most needed.

What kind of support is available when using the workload tool?

Our technical support team is available to help you with any problems you may encounter when using Workloads. You can create new support cases directly from within Stax, using the Support link in your AWS management console, providing you and your team with easy access to expert assistance whenever you need it. We pride ourselves on providing a highly responsive support service to all of our customers.

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