Maintain full visibility over your AWS spend

Optimize spend. Track costs. Make better decisions.

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No more guesswork

Maintain full cost transparency as your organization grows. Act on cost spike alerts to keep AWS spend in line with your budget and eliminate bill shock.

Optimize your spending

Prioritize quick wins and easily assign ownership so teams and individuals can take real action. Optimize spend across nearly 20 categories.

Reporting done right

Configure your AWS data to reflect your organizational structure, using cost centers, projects, services, or teams to empower ownership of costs, security, and risk visibility.

Cloud with confidence

Reduce the risk

Control risks, manage security and allow developers to deploy safely. Stax checks your cloud configuration across 200+ rules so you can fix issues as they arise.

Measure up

Stax helps you achieve industry risk and compliance standards like the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, PCI, APRA or the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Why our customers love Stax


“Stax helped us to build features that were useful to our company. This allowed us actionable insights to our business needs. Having a clear and complete picture of AWS cost, security, compliance, and best practice is key for us.”

Michael Ridgway, VP of Engineering, carsales

It’s simple to get started


Access the Stax Cost and Compliance module with monthly pay-as-you-go pricing. 2% of AWS monthly consumption. * Everything you need for AWS cost reporting and compliance management * No lock-in, set up costs or hidden fees


Access the Stax Cost and Compliance module with customized pay-as-you-go pricing. Available for businesses with large AWS consumption volumes. * Contract period discounts * Multi-module discounts * No lock-in, set up costs or hidden fees

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