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AWS Partner

Unlocking the potential that AWS offers requires an insider's perspective, unique expertise and a passion for creating the future.

AWS Partner

AWS represents unlimited potential. Stax provides a way for AWS customers to realize it - quickly, securely, and consistently.


Too often, organisations invest in cloud transformation projects without the in-house expertise to maximize its benefits.

Consequently, resources are wasted on a lengthy build phase and day to day maintenance, with challenges surrounding recruitment, security, compliance, and risk management.

As the only native AWS Cloud Management Platform globally, our platform has been built in accordance with AWS Well Architected Framework, helping organizations start strong and stay strong on AWS.

We are proudly an accredited AWS Solution Provider, AWS ISV-Accelerate Member and AWS Migration Competency Partner.

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AWS Solution Providers

As an accredited AWS Solution Provider, we are authorized to resell AWS services to our customers, together with our native cloud management platform.
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AWS ISV-Accelerate Members

The Accelerate Program was created especially for companies that offer software solutions designed to run on AWS or integrate with the AWS platform.
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AWS Cloud Migration Partners

As an AWS Migration Competency Partner, we can help your business to migrate to the cloud in the most efficient manner possible. An effective cloud migration strategy can make the whole process a lot smoother than it would otherwise be, saving your business time and money.

Did you know Stax is an AWS reseller?

Leverage our partnership for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on what our AWS partner status means, please do not hesitate to contact us to speak to one of our cloud specialists. You can also find more information about the program in the FAQ section below.

What does it mean to be an AWS partner?

AWS Cloud partners have demonstrated a certain level of expertise with Amazon’s cloud technologies and received recognition for this expertise. As a provider of software tools and services that integrate seamlessly with AWS, we are part of the Technology Partner Program. Having achieved the highest levels of training, customer engagement and investment, we are in the top performance tier: an AWS Advanced Technology Partner. In order to continue in the program, we maintain the high standards that got us here in the first place.

How does this benefit users of the Stax AWS Cloud Management Platform?

Our partnership status has many benefits for our customers. First and foremost, it is your guarantee that the solutions we provide are in full compliance with AWS best practices and guidelines. This means that when you become a Stax user, you can look forward to using a Cloud Management Platform that is reliable, resilient, scalable, fast and highly effective. It also means that you can purchase Stax/AWS integrated solutions from us if you desire and benefit from our technical expertise as you build new AWS apps and services.