Streamlined AWS Account Management

Stax makes it easy to create, govern and protect accounts the smart way.

Secure account creation in one step

Quickly create consistent AWS accounts that all adhere to the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Give your account a name and an account type and—optionally—tags, then start using it not long after!

Policies to prevent misuse

Stax Policies allow you to establish guardrails and prevent your users from using unwanted services in a given account or Account Type. Apply preconfigured Policies or create your own to restrict permissions to a particular account, or multiple accounts using the Stax Account Types feature.

Simplified account management

Account Types make it easier to govern multiple AWS accounts at once, managing their usage or specifying who may access them. By placing multiple accounts into named categories you can attach Stax Policies to the group, or manage AWS access permissions to accounts within the category.

Access your accounts, your way

Stax easily integrates with your current workflow. Stax is built with an API-first approach, so everything you can do in the console can also be done via the API. Create or modify an account with a line of code.

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