Streamlined, secure AWS account management

Stax creates secure AWS accounts that are consistent, secure and integrated into your ecosystem— then keeps them that way

Secure account creation in one step

For many companies, AWS account creation involves a multi-day internal request process. With Stax, developers can create AWS accounts they need faster than you can make a cup of tea, with the confidence they are consistent, secure and integrated into your multi-account AWS ecosystem.

All AWS accounts adhere to the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark and the AWS Well-Architected Framework, with best practice logging and security settings enabled by default.

Guardrails prevent misuse or misconfiguration

Prevent your team from using unwanted services in one or more AWS accounts. Create your own business-specific, region-specific policies, with visibility over where they are applied. Stax also applies preconfigured guardrails to maintain platform integrity.

Simplified account governance

Govern multiple AWS accounts at once, managing their usage and who may access them. Review cost and risk data at a per-account level. Grant tailored levels of access for your users, reducing the risk of credentials being exposed or misused. Apply your existing security and access management approach to AWS.

Access and modify AWS accounts via the GUI or command line

Stax easily integrates with your current workflow. Stax is built with an API-first approach, so everything you can do in the console can also be done via the API. Create or modify an account with a line of code.

Learn more about the Stax API, the AWS Access CLI, and the Python SDK.

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