Our Story

How it started

Stax has always been part of the Versent Group, which has been helping enterprises transition to the cloud in a secure and scalable way for 5 years. Now, we're launching a robust, automated platform that helps organisations migrate to and operate in the cloud seamlessly.  

Our Cloud Management Product (previously Stax) has been helping organisations shine a light on their AWS services for almost as long as Versent has been around. We've helped hundreds of managers and engineers better understand the cost, usage, compliance and security of their AWS deployments, and we're going to keep on doing that - just with a new name. 

So, as we launch our new platform, we're having a re-jig of names to reflect the changes in our product group. 

The old Stax will become Stax Spotlight, which will continue to help organisations already in the cloud manage their AWS services at scale. 

And our new platform will take the Stax name.

Now we are

Stax is a platform that helps developers to build, deploy and manage applications natively in AWS, without the overhead of management and configuration of their cloud services. 

It's designed to help organisations accelerate their cloud journey, whether that's migration to the cloud or starting from scratch. 

The new Stax platform

  • AWS Cost and Security Management tailored to your organisation

  • Empower your teams to take action with customised data views & targeted alerts
  • Reduce AWS spend, improve AWS security with insight from cloud experts 

Engineering as a Service

  • Automated setup of AWS accounts and identity management

  • Secure and resilient accounts aligned to Well Architected Framework

  • Streamline builds with certified workloads

Governance, Costs & Usage

For now, you can still access Stax Spotlight from here

Soon, we'll move that login button to a new Stax Spotlight page. When that happens, we'll let you know so you don't get lost. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Stax Spotlight?

We wanted our product group to reflect our new strategy, which is about helping all organisations accelerate their cloud journey, safely and quickly. Previously Stax had been focussed on helping organisations already in the cloud, manage it better.

Now we're expanding to help bring organisations to the cloud in an automated secure way. We felt a new name for Stax - Spotlight - would better explain what the product does (shines a light!), while making room in the Stax brand for our new platform.  

Why have you changed the names?

The Stax Spotlight team remains unchanged, and as such, we'll continue to develop Stax Spotlight based on your feedback, provide you with great support, and work tirelessly to help you manage your AWS services better. 

What will happen to Stax Spotlight going forward?

Yes, but you need to meet a set of requirements since it's been built for users wanting to migrate to or start in, the cloud. We'd love to help you if it's right for you - just contact us to talk about your needs.

Can I sign up for Stax if I have Stax Spotlight?

Yes, currently the products are sold separately. 

Do we need to purchase Stax independently?

You can learn more about Stax and its features here.

Can I learn more about Stax?